Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes it’s true, you read it right, I got myself a NEW PUPPY!! I have been messing around with the idea of getting a dog for a while now. My biggest reason not to get one is well, my employer didn’t want one. But she soon came to realize that I really wanted one, and she know it would make me happy (plus, she wants me to stay longer). After weeks of talking about it, she told me yes I could get one! And the best part is she would pay for it!!!

So I did a ton, I mean a ton of research on finding the perfect dog. I spent many hours on the phone with breeders, AKC, friends, and so forth. I went and I met a handful of dogs, and never felt good about them. So a week went by, and I found this breeder down in Pennsylvania. I went down there with Janene to meet with her and the dogs. I feel in love with the Carmel Morkie. I knew she was the perfect match for me!

I was so nervous, I never had a strong love for dogs, or a brand new puppy in my arms. So Janene held her while I drove home. I was so worried that she was going to pee on me or the car.But she was perfect the whole car ride home. She only threw up twice. (That’s normal for a puppies first car ride)

She is a Morkie. A mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie. She weighs 2.4lbs. She is a beautiful Carmel color coat. She is 12 weeks old. When she is full grown she will weigh 5lbs.

I have and always will love the T.V. show Friends. So I knew I wanted to name her after the show somehow. Rachel was to human like; Monica didn’t seem to fit, so PHOEBE is her name! I love Phoebe in the show, so I knew it would be the perfect match! And watching my new puppies’ personality she fits the name just right!!

The first night I had her was a living HELL. I never realized how hard it was to have a dog. She was always crying, barking, and peeing every 10 seconds. I would try to hold her and show her love, but all she wanted to do it bark. She cried and barked the whole night. I would take her out to go to the bathroom, but would not go. She would go right when I put her on my floor. This went on for the first few days. I would cry cause I was getting nowhere with the house training. I got a bunch of books on house training you dog. So after spending more hours on learning about dogs, I think I am doing pretty well on house training my Phoebe.

She is doing a lot better now. She sleeps through the night; she will only have a couple of accidents in the house. And she will only bark when she needs to go potty, or when she is playing! I am still trying to tell myself that it is ok that she still pees in the house, and I have to take her our every hour or two. I hope she will soon learn to go to the door when she needs to go.But hey, she already plays fetch with you!

Cutlers Visit To NYC

I was able to have Aunt Val, Katelyn, Megan and Mike come and stay with me for a couple of days. Mike was running in the Boston M so after that they came down to Jersey for a few days.It was so nice to have family come and stay with me! I really miss my friends and family! I loved being able to show them my life in Jersey!!

We had a great time going into the city and exploring! I was the “tour” guide. I took them Downtown- Mid town- Uptown! We did the Brooklyn Bridge, Bull on Wall Street, Staten Island Ferry, Canal Street, Times Square, Central Park, Temple, ABC and NBC studios, Rockefeller Center, 5th ave, Grand Central Station, shopping, a Broadway (WEST SIDE STORY) drove around New Jersey and so much more!!! We also played some wicked fun card games!!
I only got us lost once!! I was very surprised with myself! I loved being able to show them what I have been exploring and learning out in the big City!! I love them all so much, and so grateful that I was being able to spend time with them !! Thanks guys for staying with me!!

New York City at Christmas

I have always had a major love for New York City. I have been blessed in the past to go and visit a couple of times. But I have always wanted to go and visit during the Christmas season. Going to the Macy Day Pride, seeing all the lights, Rockefeller Center Tree, the window displays along 5thave., the snow in Central Park etc. It was on my “Bucket List”. Well as I mentioned on the last post, I got to attend the Macy Days Pride! And now I have seen New York City at Christmas.

It was hard to be way from family and friends during the Holiday season. I missed going to all the Christmas activities, and just being with family during that time. And it was crazy because my employer didn’t even put up a Christmas tree or anything. So it really didn’t feel like Christmas.

So one weekend I thought I would go into the City and make one of my dreams come true! It was a really cold day, but it just added to the magic of the season! Janene came with me, and we explored the city! We spent hours walking up and down street looking at the window displays, all the lights, the Christmas trees in all the high end stores. (My favorite was Tiffany’s Inc. the tree was covered in real diamonds!) During our time there, it started to snow! I LOVED it! We stopped at Starbucks for a Chi Tea, and keep exploring! Towards the end Janene was a frozen, but I wanted to keep going!

I am so grateful for this experience that I have been blessed with. I am making so many amazing memories, achieving some of my dreams, learning and growing in so many different ways.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ice Skating at Rocketfeller Center 2009

I wanted to go ice skating at Rockefeller center last year, but never got the chance. So I wanted to make sure that I got to do it this year. Before I went ice skating I went out to dinner with my employer and some of her hot male interns! We went to a sea food place.. I HATE sea food, but I had to act like I liked it in front of the babes! Even though I didn’t eat very much, my plate cost 200.00. Our grand total was well over 900.00. I peed my pants a little when I saw that!

After the great dinner, I went and met my friends at the ice skating rink. The line was well over 3 hours long, but my friends waited in line while I watched hot men eat! Haha.

I had such a blast skating. I was a little shaky at first, but then got the hang of it! It was awesome to be somewhere the famous people go for fun! We were having such a great time laughing and playing that they asked us to film us of Good Day America! So yes, I was on national TV again! We ice skated till they closed! I am so happy/grateful for this awesome experience!

Macy Day Parade 2009

I was so excited that I was going to be in New Jersey for Thanksgiving! It has always been a dream of mine to attend the Macys Day Parade!! Janene and I had to wake up at 4:30am so we could catch the 5:06am train which would arrive at 5:46am in the City. Once we walked out of Penn Station and started heading up 7th ave, all the roads were closed. So we just walked in the middle of the street all the way up to 6th and Ave of the Americans. It was extremely crowded. I mean it was so bad that we were stuck in the same stop for an hour trying to make our way to the gate. Knowing me I was sick and tired of not going anywhere, so I jumped the gate and started walking to an empty gate spot. Of course I got in trouble with the police for getting onto the pride grounds. I told them that I have to get out of the crowd before I would hurt someone. (In a kidding matter) I guess he felt sorry for us and took us right up front to a wonderful spot. Our spot is right where the floats stopped to perform! So every time the float would stop, the famous person would pose for photos and would talk with us! It was freaking awesome! The balloons are sosos much bigger in person! It takes 30 people to hold up on balloon.

The parade was more than I could ever imagine. I am soo grateful I was able to achieve one of my life dreams!


Jimmy Fallon

Keke Palmer

just some of the people!

Brooklyn Bridge

Before Janene moved back to South Africa, she wanted to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. I have only visited the Bridge once since I moved out here. And that was with my brothers and we didn’t walk acrossed it. And the only other time I have been there, is with my dad on my senior trip. We went at dusk, so it was cool to now have seen it at daylight and night.

The Bridge is so amazing. You can see so many different sites at a new angle. It makes the city skyline look flawless. Janene and I had a great time walking up and down the Bridge. I just love living near the city, so I am able to do so many awesome things!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I really didn't think anyone read my blog!.. I thought I was doing just for my own personal happiness. Well I am wrong! And that makes me happy! I have had so many people ask why I have stopped blogging... and the answer is I haven't, I have been extremely LAZY.. and plus the Internet hardly ever works at my house. So this is just a quick post to let you know that I have started blogging again! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!